Elegant Lash Extensions for your wedding

For every woman, her wedding day is one of the most important days of her life. A bride-to-be has to look beautiful and at her best for her husband, her friends, the pictures, and more importantly, for herself. So

emauiwedding3So let’s start with the first thing we see when we notice a person and in this case the eyes . It has long been heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so they say.  And for your wedding day, your eyes have to be beautiful and mesmerizing!

What makes the eyes beautiful? Well, sure there are people who are born with utterly beautiful and mesmerizing eyes.  If you are looking for ways to improve your lovely eyes for your wedding day, there are definitely ways to achieve pretty, gorgeous, mesmerizing eyes on your wedding day that will last through the honeymoon. Because let’s face it, wouldn’t it be better to have impressive celebrity-like eyes until your honeymoon so your husband would see how lucky he is to have you as his stunning bride!

Having healthy looking lashes that are curled and sleek gives you that feminine elegance even when you wake up.

During your wedding day, don’t make the usual makeup mistake of wearing typical strips of lashes that only last the day. Having Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions from a professional, saves you the worry of the lashes stripping off during your honeymoon or accidentally stripping off on your wedding day.

Professionally applied permanent lash extensions by Elegant Lash Extensions are applied one at a time using safe medical-grade adhesive. It will last through the honeymoon and you’ll have the best-looking eyelashes that day of your wedding.

Of course, beautiful eyes won’t ever be complete without beautiful shapely brows that are fit for a stunning bride. Your wedding day and honeymoon are days where you should not settle for the average look. Be your best and look your best. Let your eyes be their most mesmerizing and carefree! And if you already have beautiful eyes, surprise them by making it look better! Having beautiful eyelashes and brows allow you to bloom naturally.

We customize your look as we understand that all our customers have different eye-shape and style. In our eyelash extension and brow shaping services, we use only high-quality products and retain high standards of sanitation to ensure cleanliness, safety and relaxation to all brides to be as well as all other customers.

We take the time to know the specific look you want to achieve to make sure you get the results you want to enhance your look.

You can also bring along your bridesmaids to make sure they get a uniformed look or a specific look to match the theme of your wedding day. We can guarantee they will thank you for it after they experience the excellent service and the enhanced look of their eyelashes and brows!

Whether you are looking for an extra lift in your wedding day look, or a simple cleaning and polishing of your eyebrows, you’ll find that Elegant Lash Extensions will provide you the best brow and eyelash service that will bring out the best version of you on the most important day of your life. Have your brows and eyelashes done by one of our experts and let the photographs capture the best version of you on your wedding day!

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